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A little bit on the Picador blog.

A preview from The Londonist.

The National Poetry Day blog.

Taunton. Our first night, at The Brewhouse. Always a bit daunting: you hope the audience are going to enjoy what you’ve made. What did they say? ‘Beguiling, powerful, inspirational’. ‘Uplifting, thought-provoking, awe-inspiring’. ‘Flow, passion, drama’. Taunton, it was our pleasure!

Exeter. Two nights here, in the Bike Shed Theatre which is run by David Lockwood who featured in Jaybird’s first show Tilting the Mirror. Some very poetic responses here … ‘Heard, hard, clear, clever, bright and brutal’, ‘Intense, dreamlike, echoing’ and (our favourite) ‘Ground-breaking. Ground-shaking. Moving and powerful’.

Birmingham. A visit to mac (Midland Arts Centre) where the audience were on top alliterative form. ‘Theatrical and thought-provoking’ they said, ‘stylish and stimulating’. And between Joe the poet’s Welshness and Julia the producer’s half-Welshness, we worked out that the person who said ‘diolch’ was saying ‘thank you’.

Bury. ‘Beautiful’, ‘magical’, ‘electric’ they said at the Met. And the school party tantalising their teacher made us laugh with their comment ‘Eyef*ck! A new experience.’

Bradford. Well balanced and fun exploration of some serious (and less serious) stuff’ they mused in Bradford. And, ooh, ‘strange and interesting’.

Helmsley. ‘Torchlight in dark corners’ they said, appropriately enough, on the night when the clocks went back. ‘Atmospheric’, ‘connected’, ‘unexpected’. And we know what they meant when they said ‘point-ful’.

London. ‘How I wish all readings were so well prepared and thought about!’ they said in Kings Place. ‘Inspiring’, ‘electric’, ‘nice and shiny, thank you!’

Newcastle. ‘Peace and carnage; snap, crackle and pop!’

Nottingham. We had a big bundle of questionnaires from our sell-out gig at the New Art Exchange, but were so full of beans about the tour finale that we left them behind in a curry restaurant. The sole example we found tucked in a handbag afterwards read ‘eye-opening’. We hope that’s been the truth of it – for audiences, poets and staff alike.


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