Tech Specs – 2

What Are They Whispering? has not been fully designed yet but the minimal venue requirements for the production will probably be along these lines. We will be touring one technician to set up and operate all elements of the show. 

Sound: A fully working sound system with left and right speakers, suitable to cover the auditorium, and with the facility to patch in our own play back and 2 microphones all on XLR, 6 channel sound desk with phantom power minimal.

Lighting: A minimal of 24 working dimmer channels and a good general stock of profiles, freznells and parcans (design yet to be confirmed). We will require to operate sound and lighting side by side with a good view of the stage. All Gell and Gobos and our own lighting desk (requiring a 5pin DMX512 feed from your dimmers) will be toured.

 A pre-rig before we arrive at the venue will be necessary as there will not be time to rig and set up all other aspects.

 Video: An additional 13A power source will be needed at stage level and on the front of house lighting positions to plug in 4000 lumen projectors, we will need to have a central projection position front of house.

Stage: The set will be minimal, we will need to hang a cloth at the back of the acting area to project on to. Please provide all necessary masking to create a black box space.


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