What Are They Whispering? … a new poetry show

What Are They Whispering? was a show made from poems about power.  Personal, political, natural and technological power, in poems that made you laugh, think and shiver by Imtiaz Dharker, Joe Dunthorne and John Stammers.

The first show was 14th September 2011, the last was 10th November. Exeter to Newcastle and all stops in between. Did you come and see us? We urged you and nudged you to weigh up the balance of power in your own lives …

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Power Down …

… and that’s the end of the What Are They Whispering? tour. All that’s left is the haze of pyrotechnics hanging in the air, some great memories and a giant pile of petty cash receipts to tot up. Thank you for visiting – Jaybird will be back next year (fingers crossed and funders willing) with ten new poets, six strange venues and a ringing bell …

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London Special Offer …

Just a day left to get tickets for the Kings Place show in London – and there’s a secret special offer here.

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Yorkshire Road Trip

This is the foyer of Theatre in the Mill, on Bradford University campus – it’s completely lined with bits of sawn-off theatre set. Discrete lines, making up a whole … it’s poetry as interior decoration! Two Yorkshire gigs in two days – Bradford and Helmsley Arts Centre. We are becoming black pudding connoisseurs – top marks to the Helmsley hotel breakfast triangular version.

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The poets on stage at mac in Birmingham, where we were part of the Book Festival. A quick trip down the curry mile afterwards, and the next day, on to The Met in Bury. A big school party in the audience went into an autograph hunting frenzy afterwards, asking the poets to sign not only their books, but their programmes and tickets as well.


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A poet’s eye view

The Brewhouse in Taunton is where we launched the tour: this is what the auditorium looks like – plump seats and complex technology – a little bit of West End in the South West.


And this is what the poets saw at the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter, our next port of call – a performance space ingeniously winkled out of the roofed-over gap between two buildings. The stage used to be the pavement, you can see the gutter on the left.

We can do spacious, we can do intimate. Nimble, but still powerful.

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Book Sales …

We’ll be selling Imtiaz’ and John’s poetry collections after the shows … but Joe’s Faber pamphlet, from where many of the show’s poems come, is out of print, so we made him a new one.  It includes a couple of new poems, and will be available exclusively for ‘What Are They Whispering?’ audience members.

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Even Davina Wants to Know …

Fun here.

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